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Looking for ideas for a wellness day for your staff?

Offerings of the forest - package is basically custom made for refreshment and team building days. 

A nature experience specifically tailored for your group’s needs can be built into the programme. 

Fantastic food and creativity from nature!

An unforgettable excursion can be built for you from the following themes:

The gourmet experience - would you fancy a juniper-scented three-course lunch over the campfire that is sure to tingle the taste buds? Let’s make some tasty food and learn a recipe together!

Creativity from nature - could your team benefit from some creative action to balance out the monotony of the office? We could, for example, make an anthotype - a photo without a camera! - together.

Mental landscape - a trail of wellness where the mind rests and surrenders into the forest’s calming embrace. Interested in trying out forest yoga? Can do!

Wild cuisine - nature functions as a cornucopia of ecological foods, as well as a source of wellness. Let’s learn together to prepare and preserve deliciousness from the wilderness!

Nokipannukahvit nuotiolla
Tyhy retkellä
Outdoor well-being at work program

The basic package costs from € 55.00 / person includes 2-3 hours of guidance as well as sooty coffee, grits and Homely warm.

The length of the day, activities and the level of dining will be tailored to your preferences and according to your purse. Let's go to the forest together!

"With a unique tat and expertise. Deeper than the surface.

A different, wonderful day that evoked a lot of thoughts and left good memories.

The guys know their job ".

- Antti Ahokas, Restaurant Juuri

"A day for all the senses! Thank you!"

- Hanna Paksula, Pihka restaurants

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A good company goes into the woods!
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