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The Finnish forest is a strange place

When you go there, a big time goes by wondering. Why does a soft moss mat underfoot feel so natural, softer than any mattress?

Why does pan coffee taste better by the fire than anywhere else? And that scent. How can one scent calm the mind so perfectly?

A forest trip lowers blood pressure and increases resistance. Research shows that spending 10 minutes in nature lowers blood pressure and 20 minutes in nature improves mood. Attention increases after 60 minutes spent in nature. 

Nature excursion in the Uusimaa region

Arctic Hike Helsinki organizes excursions where you can hike, calm down or just wonder. We mainly operate in the Uusimaa region, in Sipoonkorpi National Park only about 20 minutes' drive from the centre of Helsinki, and in Nuuksio National Park

Read more about Sipoonkorpi, routes and arrival in Sipoonkorpi Visit Sipoo.

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